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We breed beautiful Doll Face Persian Kittens.

Our fur babies come in Teacup, Toy, and Standard.

The only way to secure the kitten(s) of your dreams is by placing a deposit.

We breed the following Doll Face Persian Kittens:

Silver Shaded

Silver Chinchilla Shaded

Golden Shaded

Golden Chinchilla Shaded

White Doll Face

Additional Colors:

Black Smoke, Chocolate, Calico, Tabby, Bicolor

Eyes Colors: Blue, Green, Amber, Golden, Duo Jeweled (Blue/Green)

Teacup Weight Range- 5 lbs. to 8 1/2 lbs.

Toy Weight Range- Up to 12 lbs.

Standard Weight Range- Up to 15 lbs.

*Weight is not guaranteed

* White Doll Face Persian Kittens carry a gene that produces deafness in blue eyed kittens.

Not all White Doll Face Kittens are deaf.

Here is our process of purchasing a Persian kitten(s) from us.

Visit our Available Kittens Page CLICK HERE

When you find the kitten you wish to purchase you can contact us by filling out our online Kitten Adoption Form (please note which kitten(s) you are wishing to purchase).Our form is designed for you to tell us about yourself, all fields must be filled out. Forms not filled out all the way will be ignored, emails that ask "how much" are also ignored. Serious Inquiries Only,

Once approved for adoption we will send you by email a deposit request of $200.

*Deposits are non-refundable. Only leave a deposit if you plan to purchase.

For Information or questions: Phone: 813-577-1309 Email: Teacup_Kittens@aol.com

We will answer any questions you may have about the kitten or process of getting him or her into your home.


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